We make sure you and
your family are protected
against life’s misfortunes.

While many people insure their home, car and possessions, it is even more important to make sure your family and lifestyle are protected from financial misfortune.

Losing your future earning power can be financially devastating. Without a regular income, it can be a challenge just paying for everyday household expenses like groceries and power bills, while ongoing mortgage repayments or school fees can quickly eat away any savings. Worse still, if you’re self-employed and can’t work because you’re ill or disabled, you could be faced with the added pressure of the business bills rolling in.

The good news is that we can use risk insurance to structure a total financial protection package for you to protect against loss of income, disablement, serious illness and death.

We can assist you by:

  • Ensuring you can afford the cover you need by maximising your tax concessions and factoring the cost of cover into your cashflow
  • Taking into account your pre-existing medical conditions and your occupation prior to applying for cover. We match you to the insurance company that offers you the chance of the best outcome
  • Analysing the needs of your business and recommending the best insurance solution for all the business owners both young and old
  • Recommending the best featured and cost effective insurance package from a range of the most reputable insurers in the marketplace.

Initial Insurance consultation

At our initial meeting we will review what you currently have in place, and work with you to determine what cover you need. We are happy to hold the meeting face to face or via email to determine what your needs and goals are. If you agree to proceed to the next stage we will provide you with a written statement of advice which outlines;

  • the cost and type of cover we recommend
  • details on how we determined the cover amounts
  • casflow impacts and
  • the commission we receive

Please use the insurance info request form to contact us and arrange a consultation.